As you may, or may not, have heard, Facebook HQ is doing some changes (again! argh haha) to the business page structure. The new page layout will look pretty much like the Timeline for Profiles. You have until 30 March to get your page sorted and updated to reflect these changes, before Facebook makes it mandatory. We did ours recently┬á just to get an idea of what it would be like for you… and put together some tips to help out! Here are some highlights:

Cover Image: Have a good cover image as it’s the first thing people will now see on your page and dominates everything else. Try and be creative in this as that will build further engagement down the page. The size of the cover image should be 850 x 315 pixels. While you get one done, here are some freebies we found: or We haven’t used them, but they seem good enough until you get your own. Don’t forget that we can do the design for you too!

Sticky Post: similar to a blog sticky post, its the post (or update) you write that can be ‘stuck’ to the top of the page. So, when you make updates they move down the page in order of time, the most recent staying at the top, the sticky post will always stay at the top so could be something useful for new fans ie on how to use your page, who you are etc. The way to do this is by hovering over the top right of the post or image on the pencil image, and click ‘pin to top’.

Milestones: great for companies that have existed for 100 years but only been on Facebook since 2007! Tongue in cheek but relevant even if you started prior to 2007. Now you can indicate various milestones within the company, things like maybe an award you’ve won, course studied, new distributor or supplier, founded etc. Having these milestones are a great way to weave a story that your fans can be engaged by – the journey of your company and how it got to where it is today!

Timeline: the timeline is now more visual and written updates can get a bit lost. So re-work how you do what you do to be more visually represented (easier for some of you that have a visual product or can visually represent your service by photos). Perhaps use pictures that illustrate the comment/update you’re making or ask your fans to submit their own pictures. You can break this up so it’s not all over the place with pictures, but selecting a few key pictures to be highlighted. What this means is that they will span the width of the timeline, thereby standing out and pushing other updates down or up depending on date order. You do this by clicking on the star on the picture (top right next to the pencil symbol).

Admin: your admin panel is now at the top of the page (messy but can only be seen by you). There you can access new likes, insights (analytics), promoting the page and notifications. One of their best new updates is now that you can invite email contacts from this panel.. which means that for those of you who have your personal profile for friends/family only and don’t want to invite them onto the page, you can invite business contacts or clients through email or an email database.

And that’s a quick summary! You have until 30 March to work all of this out on your page before you either publish the change yourself, get someone else to do it or wait until Facebook says you have to do it!

For more detailed information, try these sites:
– 5 Kinds Of Admins Every Facebook Page Should Have
– Facebook Tips: How To Use The Social Network Like A Pro
– 14 Ways New Facebook Betrays Small Business

And always, whether you’re still with us or not, you have a social media Angel at your side… face to face training, technical help or phone/email support. Just pop me an email ­čÖé

Bonus extra news: we’re becoming a Creative Agency – exciting new angels on the team, wait until you see what they can do! We will be adding logo design, storyboarding, illustration and photography to our services.

Cemanthe (349 Posts)

Cemanthe is the founder of New Media Angels; a company leading the way in digital communications. Believing that conversation over numbers is the key element for building your online credibility, she has led the way for a new style of marketing which has enabled her to be recognised as a specialist in this industry. She is a community enthusiast, speaker, author and mentor to young entrepreneurs.

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