“…what a crock of $#!@” Guest Blogger Adam Brooks brings his slightly controversial view to whether or not social media can work for business.

This phrase has no doubt been said by many people, many times, all of whom are quite simply, in denial. Here is another one for you… ‘Old dog, new tricks’

The person who actually said this to me was Head of Marketing for a large organisation in the technology and communications industry…to put in blunt…shocking!

I have been an ‘enthusiast’ of social media over the last few years and I am increasingly impressed with how it continues to reinvent itself and link up new platforms and increased access to key people of influence, that in business…I want to talk to.

I have many mentors in written form as I read many books on business and how to get better results, I train every day, just like an athlete does to achieve success in their discipline…my discipline is business, sales, profitability and most importantly…people.

And…who will you find on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest, Blogs and maybe even Google + at a push?…Correct…people.

Now, unless by some twist of Maximillion-esque fate, people no longer drive this rock forward, then I am happy to bet that if I want to engage with people I am going to go where people are.

Going back to my learned marketing professional above, they continued their comment and backed it up with evidence to prove “whenever we post something on twitter, we never get a single re-tweet or a mention and we have nearly 7,000 followers” well I am sorry to have to break it to my colouring in club compadre…

That has nothing to do with the ‘tool’ and more to do with the ‘tools’ using it.

Let me show you…

In the last 3 years, I have gone from zero footprint on line to a profile on most major social sites, all with links back to my webpages (yes plural – gone are the days where just one works) and analytics show me where traffic is coming from and going to. Here are a few snippets of where it has taken me in business…

Over 4000 business coaches, therapists, life coaches and performance game changers worldwide, see my content on Facebook every day. And they are my target audience.

Over 100 #1 Best-Selling author of business books follow me on twitter and we converse regularly.

A reach depending on which fan page that varies from 6000 to 60,000 people who are in my target market.

Twitter has meant engaging directly with people like Gordon Ramsey and sharing with him my recipe for Welsh Rarebit on request. Theo Pathitis wanted to become verified on Twitter and I helped him out to personal thanks, (closely followed by Michael Barrymore…how random?) One of my friends, an author now has over a quarter of a million followers and when he re-tweets does my audience grow…YES.

Blogging has led to my website receiving more hits in one month than the previous 12 months combined.

Social media and the influence/reach leads me to be invited to talk around the world on subjects of sales, marketing, business and success.

Here is a question for you…if you want to get a book published and for it be taken seriously…what is a brilliant way to get the publishing houses attention?

…Show them your audience; let the numbers do the talking.

So whenever you hear the term, social media doesn’t work for business…just remember…what a crock of $#!@

Adam Brooks

Adam is the managing director of Applying You. He is the facilitator of people, systems and business, and the founder of Sales Academy 2012. His main lesson learned in business is that the buck stops with you, the business owner. You can find him here:

Skype: adam.brooks75
Tel: +44 (0) 7730 042672

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