Whether you are using social media to engage with new people or for your brand credibility and awareness, you need to ensure that you remain consistent.

I’m not sure about you but it really gets to me when I start following someone and they have very sporadic spouts of social media, especially when it fills up my streams and then they vanish! It feels very inconsistent and this makes me feel they may be the same if I chose to work with them for my business.

We have a few tools to ensure this doesn’t happen for you (and that will help manage your time effectively).

1. Hootsuite – yes, this is a tool you will probably have heard of a lot from social media users, that’s because it is such a fantastic tool. It not only enables you to save time by scheduling your updates in advance but it also gives you one streamlined “dashboard” to view all of your profiles from (pinterest and Google+ profiles are coming soon we are told!).

2. IFTTT.com – this is a fantastic tool for automating updates, especially if you have a blog that you want shared across your profiles. You simply sign up for free and integrate the profiles and links you wish to share. You can even schedule birthday messages and weather warnings!

3. Your smart phone or tablet. These are fantastic tools, especially if you commute regularly (or even make a regular cup of tea!). Just whip it out, and start engaging with people. This can then become a routine and people will recognise it and know when to engage with you. Fantastic for creating a great tribe, a lot of people like coffee, trust me!

4. A diary. I highly suggest you diarise your engagement and update scheduling in your business calendar. This means you will never feel as if it is taking up “valuable” time. It’s in your diary, you cannot book over it! Even 10 minutes a day will make a huge difference.

What do you use to ensure your social profiles are well managed? Do you have someone who supports you with it? If you are feeling overwhelmed or simply aren’t enjoying it do get in touch, we are here to help! We can either inspire, train or manage for you.


Hannah Hannah (149 Posts)

Hannah has a real passion for social media and design. She is the general go to person for helping where required and ensuring our e-newsletter goes out on time and looks fantastic. Her expertise ranges across all the big social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. Hannah loves ice-cream, cupcakes and hand-written cards.

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