For brick-and-mortar stores, one of the top goals of your online marketing is to get people in your store. A great way to do this is to host in-store events, which you can advertise on your website, through an email newsletter, and on your social media profiles. A successful event is one that brings people into your store and results in sales.  

First, choose an event that will appeal to your target customers. If you’re a home goods store, maybe it’s a cooking class. If you’re a record store, an intimate concert with a local artist could be great. Make sure that sales are open during and after the event. You can also give customers an extra incentive to buy by giving them a one-day discount or deal. You may even want to create a regular series of weekly or monthly events to keep customers coming back.

Here are some ideas for events that will get people in the door:

  • Cooking class
  • Fashion show
  • Personal stylist sessions
  • Concert
  • Open mic night
  • Guided craft project
  • Paint night
  • Art gallery with pieces from local artists
  • Workout class
  • Holiday-themed “parties” with food
  • New product line preview
Hannah Hannah (153 Posts)

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