When it comes to creating great headlines and titles, nothing can quite beat good old human creativity and revision. However, an automatic headline analyser can be a helpful tool for breaking down a potential headline’s strengths and weaknesses and avoiding big mistakes. Below are our top picks for free headline analysers.

1. CoSchedule Headline Analyser 

CoSchedule is a blogging calendar tool for WordPress, but it also has a comprehensive headline analyser. CoSchedule breaks down your title’s type, character and word length, commonness, and level of power and emotion. It presents you with an overall score; generally, anything over 70 is probably a keeper. This is a good tool for making sure you’re hitting all the key points with your title.


2. The Advanced Marketing Institute’s Emotional Headline Analyser 

Emotions are a key part of marketing success, and the Advanced Marketing Institute’s headline tool focuses in on them. Simply plug in your headline and your topic category, and the analyser will tell you what percentage of your headline includes Emotional Marketing Value words. Ideally, you should aim to have at least 25%.


3. Sharethrough Headline Analyser 

Like CoSchedule, Sharethrough provides a headline quality score out of 100. It also provides individual scores for engagement and impression. In addition, this analyser provides a helpful group of suggestions and lists your headline’s strengths. If you aren’t sure what your headline needs, this is a great tool for identifying improvements.

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