A good press release can result in free media attention, so they can be well-worth your effort. The key is to make your press release short, clear, and easy to find information within.



Your press release should be short (under 500 words), double-spaced, and consist of short paragraphs. Begin with an attention-grabbing headline in bold. Underneath, include a dateline with your location and the date. Underneath that, you’ll have the body of the press release.


What to Include

The core of your press-release should be a fairly straightforward: Who, What, Where, Why? Explain what’s happening and why it’s important to a publication’s readers. Most press releases also include one or two quotes from someone within your company. Most of a press release should be primarily factual, so a quote is a great place to add color and emotion. Including quotes makes it as easy as possible for a writer to run the press release into a story, and making things easy makes it more likely that you’ll get a story published. At the end of the press release, include your business’s contact information, including a contact person for this particular story.



You want your press release to come across as neutral and factual (again, making it easy for a publication to convert it into a story). Don’t over-hype your business or the topic of the release, but do convey why the event will be interesting or important to the audience. You can keep the press release engaging by using action-oriented verbs. Make sure to revise your press release carefully and ensure that it is concise and grammatically correct.

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