Before creating a text ad, you need to know the format of the platform you’re advertising on. Unfortunately, different websites all have their own format requirements, particularly when it comes to character limits. Here’s our guide to formatting rules on the most popular advertising platforms so you don’t waste time making and correcting mistakes.

Google Standard Text Ads

  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Display URL: 35 characters
  • Description line 1: 35 characters
  • Description line 2: 35 characters

Google Expanded Text Ads

  • Headline 1: 30 characters
  • Headline 2: 30 characters
  • Description: 80 characters
  • Paths: 15 characters each

Bing Search Ads

  • Minimum of 3 words
  • Title: 25 characters
  • Text: 71 characters
  • Display URL: 35 characters
  • Destination URL: 1,024 characters


Yahoo Native Ads

  • Title: 20-50 characters
  • Description: 20-150 characters
  • Company name: 35 characters
  • Display URL: 35 characters
  • Landing page URL: 2,048 characters
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