PPC advertising isn’t just for desktop anymore. In fact, more and more clicks are coming from mobile users. It’s important that you take this into consideration when planning your PPC advertising strategy.


First, consider adding call extensions to your ads. These enable you to add a phone number to your ad, and customers will be able to click to call right on their phone. Clicks on your phone number through AdWords cost the same as a  normal click on your ad. The benefit is that they make it as easy as possible for customers to get into direct contact with you.


And of course, make sure that your PPC landing pages are responsive so that they work well and load quickly for mobile users. An ungainly mobile site or slow loading time will quickly lose you customers and defeat the purpose of your PPC ads.

Hannah Hannah (153 Posts)

Hannah has a real passion for social media and design. She is the general go to person for helping where required and ensuring our e-newsletter goes out on time and looks fantastic. Her expertise ranges across all the big social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. Hannah loves ice-cream, cupcakes and hand-written cards.

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