A press release may seem old fashioned, but it remains an effective way to get free publicity for your business. The key to an effective press release is to consider the needs and wants of a publication’s audience. You don’t want to send a press release for every sale or every product, and if you send too many, you may end up dismissed as a spammer. However, reporters and publications are always looking for stories that are interesting to their readers. If you genuinely have something to offer them, a press release can be an easy way to get a story about your business.

So what counts as a newsworthy event? If your business has a grand opening or is opening a new location, that’s the perfect time for a press release. A big new product can also often merit press. You should also consider a press release for a big event, particularly if you’re hosting a well-known guest or working with other local organisations, such as sponsoring a charity event.

The next step is to choose where to send your press release. If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, reach out to local media organisations. Town papers will often be happy to publish a short story about a local business. You may also want to look for interest-specific publications.

Are you coming out with a new clothing line? Try sending a release to a regional fashion magazine.

Have a new high-tech gadget? A technology website might be interested.

Hosting a workshop on vegetable gardens? There might be a gardening blog that would love to publicise it.

The golden rule is to look for publications that share your target audience.

Hannah Hannah (153 Posts)

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