When you’re examining your PPC ads, the two key metrics you need to worry about are the click-through rate (CTR) and quality score. What is the quality score? It’s Google’s cumulative rating of the most important features of your ads. Google also uses the quality score to determine your cost per click and your ad rank, so it’s very important.

The factors that go into your quality score are:

  • keyword relevance within ad group
  • ad text relevance
  • expected CTR
  • landing page quality

You can use the quality score as an indicator of how good your PPC ad is. If you need to improve it, keep in mind that a lot of the factors going into the score revolve around relevance. Make sure that your keywords, ad text, and landing page all fit together and relate directly to your targeted ad group. It’s better to create multiple specific ads than one really general ad. If you constantly keep relevance in mind, you’ll probably continue to improve your PPC quality score.

Hannah Hannah (153 Posts)

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