You’ve spent the time researching the best keyword for your page, so now it’s time to put it to work for you. You keyword(s) shouldn’t just be in your page content (although it should be there) – you can get the best SEO results by including it in a handful of key places.


Your Page Title

This should be the obvious one: your top keyword (or two) should be included in your page title. Just make sure that the title is also interesting and phrased in a natural way.


Your Headings

Headings within a webpage help to make your content more readable, and they’re also a great place to include your keyword phrases.


Image Metadata

If your page contains images, you can include your top keywords in their names and alt tags. Search engines pay attention to this info, so make it work for your page!



Your page URL may simply be the title of the page. If you change it or shorten it, make sure that your keyword is still included.


Your Links

Ideally, your page should include both internal and external links. Make sure that the hyperlinked text includes your top keywords. Google pays close attention to links, especially external links, to evaluate what your page is about.

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