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When designing your retail website, there are a few core elements that should be present on every page in order to help your customers.

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A search bar

The search bar is the gateway to your products, so you want to keep it front and center on every page of your site. Most websites keep their search bar in the header, which works well. Avoid the temptation to shrink the search to a corner of the header to avoid taking up too much room; you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find and type into it.

The shopping cart

You don’t want to interrupt your customers’ shopping by bringing them to the cart after they add an item. Instead, make sure that the cart is always visible, so it’s easy for your customers to check out as soon as they’re finished shopping.

Your contact info

Customers appreciate a business that’s transparent, and you want to make it as easy as possible to resolve any problems. Your customers shouldn’t have to go back to your homepage in order to find your contact info. Instead, include some basic contact info, such as a customer service number or online chat, in the footer or sidebar of every page. At the very least, make sure that a link to your contact info is visible throughout your website.

The exception to these 3 constants is the checkout page. Once your customers begin to check out, you want to remove any extra distractions.

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