Once a customer has committed to purchasing a good, you want to make it as fast and easy as possible to make the purchase. You can accomplish this by simplifying your website’s checkout process. The following tips can help you streamline checkout, and therefore complete more sales.


Enable Guest Checkout

Some customers don’t want to go through a lengthy process of creating an account in order to checkout. Enable a guest check out, and if you want to encourage account registration, add that option after the purchase is complete.


Optimize Forms

Clever web forms can enable your customers to enter less information. If you ask for the zip code first, for example, an algorithm can automatically enter in the city and state. Likewise, if you have the customer enter in their credit card information, your form can automatically deduce the credit card type. The more automatic your form is, the easier it is for your customer.

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If you can fit the entire checkout process onto one page, don’t split it up onto 4. The caveat to this is don’t make things so small that they’re difficult to read.


Remove Distractions

Once a customer reaches checkout, you want them to complete the purchase without going anywhere else. You can get rid of extra navigation in the sidebars, header, and footer to remove distractions and simplify the checkout page.

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