If you’re not using it already, Instagram is a great social media platform to add to your marketing campaigns. Luckily, Instagram is very simple to use, making it beginner-friendly; just snap a picture, choose a filter, write a caption, and you’re done. For most Instagrammers, choosing a filter is the trickiest part. With 22 filters to choose from, you can spend a while trying to find the perfect look. To speed up your Instagramming, check out our handy guide to our favorite 5 filters and when to use them:

  1. Mayfair

Mayfair adds a subtle warm tone to pictures with slight vignetting around the edges. It’s a great go-to filter for almost anything, but it’s best for bright, well-lit photos.

  1. X-Pro II

X-Pro II is a great bright filter that doesn’t go overboard. It will make the colors in your picture pop and adds a bit of contrast, making it perfect for outdoor pictures. If you want even more pop, go with Lo-Fi.

  1. Rise

Rise adds a soft golden hue to your images. It’s perfect for making your pictures look warm and glowing. Use it for a soft “morning” vibe or for pictures of people to make everyone’s skin look like they just spent some time in the sun.

  1. Valencia

Valencia opts for softer colors and less contrast to create a soft, light look. Valencia is great for when you want to create an antique look.

  1. Willow

If you want to go for black and white, Willow is your filter. It’s softer than Inkwell, Instagram’s other black and white filter, so it won’t look too pretentious.

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