Wahoo! You’ve started your business, you’ve got lots of offline networking meetings booked and by jove do you have the right business cards to get your name out there. We highly recommend you keep going! Networking is one of the best ways to get new business, especially in the service industry but also in the retail and products business – get your name out there.

Been in the business a while? Don’t forget the offline world, getting a reputation and keeping it is essential to keeping your business going, as you know.

But golly, it can’t all be offline? Well, as lovers of online marketing here at New Media Angels, we like to think the world of online marketing can do all your offline networking jobs and even more, but how do you utilise the world?

Social Media

Yes, we highly recommend you get started on social media. We suggest you do a lot of research into where your customer base are most active and select the top three to four social networking sites first and get going there.

We also recommend that you ensure your bios, images, cover photos and content are super. They need to share exactly what you do, showcase your personality as a company and also, if you have products, give people the chance to see what they could get!

Start by ensuring your bios hit hard on the keywords your clients or customers would be searching for, don’t be too heavy though. If you sell a lot of products or cover a range of services, select your top 3 and include those. Then you can swap them every three months with another set of three. You need to ensure people want to follow or connect with you from the start so adding a little personality is a sure-fire way to utilising social media.

Get Social in your content and within the streams yourself. This means spark conversations, create content that others will want to share, engage with and ultimately follow you for. Social media is all about the social, without connecting with others, it will be a process that ends in a little followers who do not engage with you. So think about the others in your stream and make them want to connect with you regularly.


Oh yes, video is the main theme of 2014. People love a good, sharp and quirky video. Whether it’s illustrated, filmed by your own smart phone or expertly filmed by a professional, get it out there!

Ensure to make them regular. Just like your blog. People will then be more likely to subscribe to your channel and then they’re hooked!

Share your expertise with them, as well as your products. How to videos are fantastic for viewerships, as well as insights into your business, your team and top tip videos. We’ve been making our own recently too, which you can subscribe to here.


Blogs are an excellent place to showcase your products using the online marketing world. Get in there and share why you love a specific product so much, how it’s made or what is so important to you as a brand about the products you create and/or sell.

Focus on services? Then use your blog to help people understand what you do and why you do it.

As with videos, people love to learn. They’ll soak up your top tips, so ensure to share tips that you don’t charge for. For example, if you are an interior designer, share which colours go together well, or your top 5 living room furnishings, but don’t share insider info too much, otherwise your readers will love you and take all your ideas, then not use you.

Those are just our three favourite spaces to help you utilise the world of online marketing, how are you using it?

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