Facebook pages are a strange place, from Facebook changing the rules, almost daily, from how posts from pages are seen by their followers to competitors somehow knowing what to do before you do, it can seem like a space that isn’t made for the business owner.

Don’t walk away from it just yet. We have found that, when used correctly and with content that sings “engage with me” you can truly build a following that adores you, comments on your updates and, the holy grail, shares it with their friends through their personal profile.

But how do you create this type of content?

There are a few simple tips to remember when it comes to Facebook (and other social networking sites)

1. Keep it personal / quirky – we tend to follow the 80/20 rule – 80% of the updates we share are non-salesy updates, from sharing pictures of the team to sharing experience and knowledge to your fanbase.

2. Have pictures – pictures galore! People love pictures, and with multiple picture features now working on mobile devices you can truly attract visual people to your updates.

3. Have a call to action – this means a question or a “share your thoughts in the comments below” – it gives the fans a reason to comment rather than just aimlessly like the post. Comments are what brings your “edgerank” up, thus making Facebook show the status to more and more people.

Don’t be wary of Facebook for your business, it will take time to have a following of engaged people, but do ensure you see what works and what needs tweaking. Having a reporting system that shares the best and the least engaging posts from the month will help you to create more of the better updates and thus creating an audience that loves what you share.

The best pages are the ones that think outside the box, such as Innocent Smoothies (on Twitter and Facebook, they rock), who don’t just share their smoothies and other products but have quirky, funny updates that are easily shareable. Think like this – what made you giggle or share something recently and how can you replicate this for your own business page?

What was your most engaging post from the past month?

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