Stretching your way to Volvo viral videos

Well, I’m never normally impressed easily by mainstream viral videos,…and with this one, I’m still not (haha!). Although it has to be said that good on them for what Volvo have done. If you haven’t seen it by now, where have you been??, then...

Do schools kill creativity?

To be honest, this week there were many things I could blog about, but I think that sharing a video that struck a chord with me might be better and of more value to you than me ranting. So, Do schools kill creativity? Fascinating video and incredibly relevant to the...

Is Vimeo the business owner’s YouTube?

You may have heard of the new video social platforms that are becoming available, and one of the most exciting, in my opinion is Vimeo. It has been around for a while (since 2004!) and has recently become more well-known as a space to share unique, high-quality...
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