Tracey Botha

Wow….New Media Angel has blown me away!!
Cemanthe’s passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the task at hand is exceptional.
She has created an excitement in me for a tool I knew nothing about and was always wary to use, a new world has opened up before my eyes.
She continues to amaze me with all the ideas she has, and challenges don’t seem to disturb her energetic personality!!
She is always encouraging and extremely patient.
You will be crazy not to use her to start your business or add a new dimension to it.

We make snap decisions within the first few seconds of seeing something. We like it or we don’t. This works for everything and before we have read a word on a page we have taken in the overall impression of the design and illustration without realising it!
This means it is important to get right and any design and illustration style should fit in with your style and what you do.

This does not only apply to websites. You still may rely on the printed word to get your message across so your brochure design and leaflet design is equally important and needs to be done professionally.

New Media Angels design and illustration service thoroughly understands your business and can create the image you want to project. We cover all strands of design and illustration project both online and in print, from websites, logo design, leaflets brochures, newsletters and more.

There is no one size fits all approach with our design and illustration service. We listen to your needs and reflect your business in the way you would like to be seen. All companies are different. A price list for cosmetic surgery for example needs a different style of brochure design to a charity newsletter, an art sales brochure or a takeaway menu.

Essentially, they may all be in the same bracket of leaflet design but the finished product will be very different. Sound obvious? Maybe, but it is surprising how many businesses get this wrong.

When it comes to design and illustration , your logo is important too. Your New Media Angels designer will listen to your ideas and understand your business in order to create a unique business logo design that best identifies your brand
New Media Angels; your first choice for design and illustration.