So, the bells are ringing, your team are probably thinking more about the Christmas party than perhaps the other tasks within your company, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be having fun at this time of year too.

However, Christmas can mean one of two things when it comes to a brand’s social media:

1. It goes very quiet – as your team aren’t managing the accounts quite as much as they usually do.

2. It can be a fun, exciting and conversation starting.

I’d like to suggest, as you have probably guessed, that you make it the latter. Now, if you’ve read any of our other blogs, strategy is essential to getting it right, but don’t worry if you haven’t already put together your Christmas social media strategy. You can get it done this week to help (and even going into next week), and all will be well, I don’t assume everyone will be like me and get it done a year in advance!

Get yourself started on the strategy in terms of what your teams will do over the Christmas period – how the accounts will be managed and the days the office (and thus the social media accounts) will be closed. Does this mean there will be no content going out while you are closed, or will there be holding, fun messages going out that don’t require someone to manage the account for the time they are away.

For our clients, we are only taking the big main days off, but that’s because we are a social media company, so it’s in our blood to get back to the world of social media, and it helps our clients be put at ease, knowing that any enquiries, messages or general social engagements are managed and replied to. You don’t have to worry if you aren’t as active as we are. Having it set out from the beginning however, will truly help everyone involved, and will help to manage expectations.

Now it’s time to think about the content – do you want it ┬áto be engaging, quirky, fun, enticing or do you want it to be informative – letting your customers know how to get a hold of you during the holiday season. If you sell products, will it be enticing them about a special Boxing Day sale, as NEXT are renowned for, and building up a buzz with your customers around this? You really need to think about this, as it will also reflect in the content proposed for your Christmas time blogs (well, all of December and should have been through November if you are proposing competitions or sales!).

Many people will not be checking their social media accounts, at least not engaging with “company” accounts over the two most important days of Christmas, but this isn’t to say it’s a bad idea to not check. I’d highly recommend you have one person who is happy to check their mobile apps to see if there are any urgent messages (which there probably won’t be, but don’t assume!) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This will help put you at ease (it could even be you!).

Then it’s time to think about whether or not you want to get a little festive, a bit tongue in cheek, or personal about the festive season. Will you be supporting local charities over the season, and how are you sharing this with your followers? Perhaps even share pictures of the team getting dressed up for a special “Christmassy day” – people love to know the “people” behind the business. We find these are the most shared of all content we create, so adding a personal touch to your content could be an excellent way to build relationships with people who follow you. You could talk about Christmas parties, the local lights going on, or even your Secret Santas – and how well they went down!

All in all, Christmas is a great time to share your personalities, get together and start really great relationships. You can talk about sales, as everyone is thinking about gifts, and even more people will be open to entering competitions at this time of year, so jump on that trend but make sure it is unique and relevant to your brand as a whole.

What will you be doing over the Christmas period for your social media?


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