Advertising, social media, SEO, PR ahh, the list goes on and on! When it comes to getting your business new customers, it costs some time and money to get it right.

As with all things, especially in the new world of social media marketing, we can believe that Social Media is a “free” space for businesses to market their business. I’m going to stop you there, sorry! Whether it’s time invested, training required or, as you’ll find out below, advertising to get the right people to your profiles, social media is not a free marketing tool (well, at least not when done properly).

Why Facebook Advertising?

In recent months, Facebook has made it pretty tough for businesses to be found in how they call it an “organic” way, which means without paid advertising, but through other people sharing their pages or by liking their posts. Facebook ads have come in to help the business owner target the people that should like their page or click to their website. When used correctly it can hugely increase your fans or website hits.

You need to ask yourself a few questions before you say yay or nay to the world of Facebook advertising:

1. What’s the point of your presence on Facebook?

2. Who do you want to have on your Facebook page?

3. What content will you be sharing?

4. How will people find your page?

Once you have answered these then you can see whether Facebook ads are a requirement or not. I generally think that Facebook ads are essential for any business who wants their potential customers to find their page, like it and then potentially engage with the page, and eventually start to use the business.

Facebook ads will help you be found, if you use the set up correctly, by that target audience you so want to engage with. The wonder of Facebook ads is that they can be so targeted you can spend a minimal amount for the perfect outcome. I do highly suggest you get training or, if you want it to work quickly and professionally without any budget lost on errors, get a professional team to do it for you. You also need to ensure you know what you want from the advertising spend – Facebook can help you decide by giving you the choices of “what you want to achieve” from simple likes to your page to website clicks, you need to think about this first, then create an advert around that.

I also suggest you invest in excellent images and keep well within the character limit – a punchy, keyword filled advert will help to get more conversions.

Well, that’s a few reasons why we believe Facebook ads should be the next investment you make within your online marketing strategy.

Have you used Facebook ads before and how did it go?

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