Facebook has recently (well, in social media terms) started being used more and more by businesses. Whether it’s to build a new audience, bring back current customers or simply be able to share more within your posts than through Twitter, Facebook can be an excellent space to use.

It can seem a little overwhelming at first, so I thought I would share the top six ways you can utilise Facebook for your business and to raise your profile:

Groups – Facebook Groups are an excellent space to start, you can engage within these as yourself (through your personal profile). There are so many that Facebook has now created a “find groups” button, which you will find to the left of your screen in the sidebar. It actually gives you the groups that are recommended to you, either based on what your contacts have joined or based on the other groups you have connected to.

Groups are useful as they can be a source of information, new conversations and thus relationships, as well as sharing your industry expertise. I suggest you mix them up, so you become a member of a few “hobby or personal” related groups, then a few that will help you when you are stuck, for example in services you provide that can have technical hiccups, and then, finally, into groups where your target market will engage. For example, you may own  a cupcake shop in Twickenham, so you would want to join groups that focus on a love of sweet foods and sharing recipes, as well as a group that is location-based such as “Twickenham lovers” group.  

Create a business page – This is an important part of the process for your business, after creating a personal profile, you can now create a business page. Facebook will easily guide you through the process of creating your page. The hardest part is selecting which category you are, then it’s all easy from there (until it comes to content and advertising! I suggest getting some help with training on these two areas to make your page a success).

Comment in page posts – what I mean by this is that you can follow pages, either as a personal profile or through your business page, that would have your target market, and then engage within the posts by other pages. Usually these bigger pages have a larger following, so you will have more people seeing your image and thus be able to click through to your page, thanks to you sharing a good opinion or starting a debate through the other page’s post. 

I don’t recommend doing this with your competition as it could cause some issues however!

Share links to business website – this is a fantastic (and the least time-consuming) of all the tips. You can share links to your own website! Even if you are using Facebook as a personal profile, you should be sharing links to your blog, new services, products and to your newsletter sign up. Don’t do it too much, but I suggest at least one update per week (if it’s to a business page) should work. 

Share links to news articles in your industry – this is an excellent way to show you’re ahead of the pack. You can share current news stories within your industry and share your thoughts within the update. Linking to interesting stories, pieces of news or blogs will help your followers (or friends) understand more about what you do and have the knowledge that they can ask you in future about these things too. 

Create a location for your business – if your business is location-based, or you regularly meet with clients at your office, Facebook places can be an excellent way to build your brand awareness. You can set up multiple locations for a business but you have to be given permission to do so by the powers that be in Facebook, which can be quite a long process, so I highly suggest you start by putting your HQ or best location on there first. This can then by synced to your business page too, so people can “check-in” when they come to visit you! 

So, that’s just six ways to utilise Facebook to help build your brand. There are many others, but these are the simplest and best places to start. Once you get to the stage where you want to target more people, you need to train yourself or get another business to get you on the road of advertising – an ever-changing but essential part of the Facebook world for businesses.

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