When you have decided that Facebook is the right place for you to place your business, you need to remember a few things to ensure it does what you want it to do.

First, you should have a personal profile. Why? Because this can be where you have your contacts, friends & family, it can also be a great place to share the business page and get more engaged fans.

Secondly, think of what you want the page to do for your business. Is it to build your credibility/reputation? Or is it a place for customers to go and receive “special offers”.

Then come the fun bits – the content. Most shared and liked posts are usually pictures (mainly funny ones) so if you can add a picture to your posts, do.

I personally have found that the best and most engaged Facebook pages, don’t usually speak of the products, they are a place for their customers to come to, engage with one another and get support from the business. They are also places that share knowledge, new ideas and their expertise. Think if this is the sort of place you’d like your page to be.

Ensure your image and cover images fit perfectly. You can also change these monthly, for one client we host a competition for the cover image to be a fan’s photograph. Just remember, Facebook have changed their competition rules, look them up and make sure you are following the ts and cs.

Then share it! If people don’t know it exists then they won’t follow the page. Add the link to your website, your email and share it through your other networks. I personally prefer pages with original content, so I do not recommend linking it with your Twitter stream, but you may find it different for your own brand.

I also do not recommend over-posting. This can make people take you off of their newsfeed. I prefer one post per day with the occasional bonus post, a personal update or “exciting” piece of news that you just can’t keep in.

Finally, utilise the Facebook tools such as events, polls and scheduling. They are there to be used so do it, see which parts work best for your business and continue to use them.

Have you got a Facebook page? How are you using it?

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