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This summer, Facebook has stepped up its efforts to minimise click-bait in its News Feed. The goal is to minimise misleading, spammy content. Unfortunately, some of us in marketing have learned that sensationalised, mysterious headlines can draw clicks. Especially with Facebook’s latest updates, however, it’s time to leave those tactics behind.

To make sure your posts don’t end up on the wrong side of Facebook’s fight against clickbait, avoid the following:

  • Headlines that leave out key information, such as “We never expected to see THIS at our store!”
  • Exaggerated headlines, such as “Never work again with this trick to earn money!”
  • Cut-off images designed so that users have to click to see the most important part.

The essence of the message is just to be upfront. Focus on creating high-quality content – then you won’t need to trick Facebook users into reading it. Facebook also recommends using calls to action, rather than clickbait headlines, to drive engagement. When you have great posts, you can simply present them honestly.


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