Yelp is currently the most popular site for reviews out there, and it’s highly influential in helping customers decide where to buy products and services. However, Yelp discourages businesses from directly asking customers for reviews. This is because, they say, solicited reviews come across as forced and can decrease trust in a business.

In a blog post, Yelp explained, “self-selected reviews create bias in the business listing — a bias that savvy consumers can smell from a mile away.” However, you can still attract more reviews without directly asking your customers for them.

You can do this primarily through increasing awareness of your Yelp profile. Create a Review Badge that you can add to your website and email signature. Customers can click on these to leave a review of your business.

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You can also post a sign in your business encouraging customers to visit your Yelp profile. Use language such as “Check us out on Yelp” or “Find us on Yelp,” rather than “Leave us a review on Yelp.”

This will help connect customers to your Yelp profile without being pushy.

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