Now this is one of our favourite subjects, and one we are going over with all of our clients throughout December – the year ahead. What it means for their company, their social media, their website, their PR – oh the list goes on!

We are there to help them get the strategies ready and waiting in time for the year ahead, so that content and the company, can know what to expect and where they want to be throughout the year.

For you, this may be something you do alone, with a team or with your mentor – no matter who or how you do it, you need to give yourself time, as well as achievable goals, to make it work from beginning to end.

Here’s how we put a strategy for a client’s content together, if you’d like to take some for yourself, please be our guest (if you’d like a helping hand to create yours, please get in touch before the second week of December!).

  1. Understand the goals you want to achieve in a set amount of time. This could be monetary, client or simply based around views to your website (and a mix of them all). Set them down and then put achievable times to them. Some may not even be done within 2015, but will need to have things done during the year to help you achieve them.
  2. Know promotions, sales and competitions ahead of time. We work with our clients to create content calendars around their marketing strategies. We like to know at least 3 months in advance if a sale is coming, if they are planning to get a competition together or if they are working towards getting a specific piece into their range. All of these (and more), are essential to their business and to our management. From creating content that gets their fans enticed and looking forward to the potential competition or sale, to having web pages ready and waiting for the launch of a new product – we ensure everyone is ready and ahead of schedule. You should be doing the same.
  3. Be creative. When you aren’t rushed into a month before a specific promotion, content or marketing plan, then you have the time and space to be creative and create an even bigger buzz about your ideas. Thanks to working with one client this year, 6 months in advance we had already come up with their Christmas competition, which meant we could create, with them, a fantastic, beautiful and enticing competition, rather than rushing through and having nothing ready.
  4. Know who, and what, you need. If you are creating a new landing page, adding products to your website or simply working to get more customers, you need to know who and what you need to achieve them. This means writing down the people in your team who are going to create, manage and implement all of these ideas. From ensuring your PA has all of the sticky labels ready for the mailer you will be sending out to 500 clients, to having the name of a great web designer for your re-launch. All of this will help you create the preparation required to have a smooth and stress free year.

These are just a few of the things we create in our strategies for the year ahead with our clients. Knowing that they are at ease, helps us to put together our social media content, the blogs they require, e-newsletter designs, website pages and so much more, well in advance and with a client that has time to truly take care and look over what we have created.

How will you be planning for 2015 when it comes to your marketing?

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