Need some ideas for Facebook Live videos for your business? We’ve got you covered. These topics can also work well for standard edited videos to post on Facebook, YouTube, or your website. (Here are some tips to Facebook live, that we shared in a recent blog!)


Question and answer videos are a staple, and for good reason. They enable you to interact with your fans and stay abreast of recent trends. You can do a standard Q&A about your business, or try giving advice related to your business expertise. Ahead of your video, solicit questions from your followers on Facebook to get your Live video started.


We often promote a polished face to the online world, but it can be fun to see what goes on behind the scenes too. Try a video that shows your facilities, your production process, or maybe how you come up with new product ideas.

Share your inspiration

How do you come up with new products? What inspires you? Discussing where you find inspiration can give followers great insight into your brand. Try sharing items, pictures, and stories of what’s inspired you. These can be as practical or as abstract as you want!

Hometown tour

Is your location important to your business? Then treat your followers to a tour of your favorite local places. Where do you go to get coffee? Your favorite lunch spot? How about a great park? Your local fans will be happy with the tips, and others will get a sense of your business’s roots.

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