When it comes to writing content for your social media are you thinking fast or taking a step back and checking what you’re writing?

Most people will say they check their content but are you perhaps scatter gunning and content writing without thinking deeply enough?

Lets dive into why it’s so important to take time with your content, particularly focusing on social media.

Proofreading is king!

As a proofreading fanatic (trust me, I’ve sent emails to authors of books detailing pages and locations of errors) I know I’m a little more picky than most, however, unless you’re using a spelling mistake as a marketing strategy it can be detrimental to your content if you misspell something.

One of the biggest culprits is “sneak peek” vs “sneek peak” – there is even a Twitter auto-bot which tweets you if you misspell it! Simply taking a few extra minutes to spell check your content will go a long way to ensuring your brand doesn’t look second best. If you have problems identifying when words or grammar are incorrect, there’s a fantastic Google Chrome add on called Grammarly which is free, and tells you when a word is misspelled and can correct it for you – life saver!

Using a strategy

Another key part to your social media content is having a strategy in place. Whether you have this created by a marketing team who can help, or you have a calendar you make yourself, creating a calendar and strategy for your social media (and all your marketing) goes a long way to making it a success.

Some key things to use in your calendar? Events you are attending as a company, birthdays of your team, sales, and we find having a theme for the month can be an excellent way to focus content too.

Those are just two ways to ensure your brand is well represented on social media, proving time is essential to success.

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