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Cemanthe McKenzie

Director, Head Honcho, Strategist
Cemanthe is the big cheese of the operation, creating New Media Angels when she was tired of hearing so many retailers complaining that their Digital Marketing companies seemed to just not care about their businesses. She pulled together a team of Angels to help those companies and businesses in the industry of bricks and mortar, and ecommerce, who really cares about each and every one of the clients we work with.

Cemanthe has a real burning passion to help with strategies, new ways to share the brands we work with, and helps to define and implement new tools and ideas into a successful campaign. She’s also killer with branding and design ideas.

  • New ideas 50%
  • Branding and Customer Service 80%
  • Milkshakes 10%
New Media Angels Director, Cemanthe McKenzie

Dominica Roszko

Online Angel, Adventurer
Dominica is the Online Angel primarily dealing with websites, Facebook pages and ads, and related online services such as ebooks and email marketing.

She is a super star at coming up with ways to help our clients get found through the wonders of advertising, SEO and PPC, and explains all of this in an easy to understand and monitor way, so our clients actually know what is and isn’t working in their marketing. She’s a fireball of energy and ideas, and when you have her on your side, you know you are in safe hands!

  • Advertising Angel of Amazingness 50%
  • Learning new ways to get noticed 80%
  • Vegan comfort food 10%
Online Angel - Dominica Alicia Roszko

Helen Cox

Strategy Angel, Travelling Geek
Helen’s marketing experience is vast, she’s never specialised in one area, and instead has acted like a massive sponge absorbing and working with people from across the marketing and business development worlds. It’s a great position to be in because she’s one of a few that really understands the full marketing picture. Or the puzzle as she calls it!

We are delighted to have her on the team, helping our clients really get to grips with the strategy behind a marketing idea, and how to implement it across all forms of marketing, including offline and PR.

  • Strategy and Ideas 50%
  • Plans and Implementation 80%
  • Travelling (with amazing food) 10%
Strategy Angel - Helen Cox

Hannah Liversidge

Social Angel, Grammar Nerd
Hannah is the Social Angel at New Media Angels; looking after all social media platforms for our clients. Her talents are content, engaging with online audiences and organisation, and she loves it.

She gets going on all the content for our clients, once Cemanthe has really gotten to grips with what the client is all about. She also does a huge amount of detective work before starting to write the content she so enjoyes creating, and ensures that each piece will sound as if it was written by the client themselves.

  • Investigating and detective work 50%
  • Writing and creating content 80%
  • Dog walking for inspiration 10%
Social Angel - Hannah Liversidge

At our last impromptu New Media Angels meeting, next time we’ll nab Helen!

Cemanthe, Dominica and Hannah
On your side

On your side

Have your dedicated Angels to hand, on your side, as if they were a full-time member of your team (without the headache!)

Innovative ideas

Innovative Ideas

Just like your own Fairy Godmothers, we are there to come up with magical ideas to help your business grow, using Marketing & Content at our core.

We look to the future

Looking to the future

With our passion for our own expertise, we look to the future, and stay ahead of the game, helping you make the most of our knowledge and potential new trends that will work for your brand.

Building your brand

Building your brand

We are there, along your journey, helping you to build your brand using tools, techniques and our skills to really build a fantastic business, that attracts the right customers.

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