Writing text ads may seem simple, but creating ads that people will actually click on can be frustratingly tricky. Below are some common mistakes to avoid to keep your ads simple and engaging.

1. Using Abbreviations

When you’re trying to slim down your character count, it can be tempting to use abbreviations. However, these can be confusing to some people and may put off potential customers. Avoid acronyms and initialisms (such as BBB – Better Business Bureau) and abbreviations. If you’re short on characters, think of a way to rephrase.

2. Including Your Business Name in the Headline

In general, customers don’t choose a business or service for its name, so don’t include your name in your ad headline. Instead, choose a phrase that shows why a customer should choose your business. You can place your business name in the display URL instead.

3. Capitalising Incorrectly 

The standard best practice for text ads is to capitalise your headline as if it were a title; that means capitalising all verbs and nouns. You can capitalise your description as a normal sentence, which means capitalising only the first word and any proper nouns. If you need more guidance, check out Purdue’s capitalisation guide.

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