In marketing, it’s all about asking yourself if you are just “doing” social media because everyone else is, and how to know if it’s right for you.

Here are some questions to ask before you actually dive into what everyone else is doing.

1. Who are your perfect clients? When you decide to run a business, the first thing you should question is who your perfect clients are. Now, don’t go to a classic that we hear in New Media Angels and say “anyone”, as although anyone could buy it, not everyone will. So really ask yourself who your best clients are, and look at where they go, what they do, and how they find your competitors. What can you do to get them to notice you more?

2. Where do you want to be? Although your competitors may be on countless social media accounts, you need to ask yourself where you want to be, and where you have time to be. If you are using a social media company, ask them where they would suggest you go, as they will have the experience and knowledge of the people that visit these accounts, rather than focusing on where your competition are, as they may not be getting results!

3. Don’t be a perfectionist. This can be so hard, and a problem that many of our clients can often get stuck on – perfectionism! This stops them from just posting that video, sharing that blog, or posting that tweet – do it! If you are concerned about how it will be received, ask your team, and take their opinions honestly.

BONUS THOUGHT: ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD In marketing you need to constantly have a strategy, and something to look forward to within your marketing. This isn’t to say you have to stick to it religiously, but having a strategy to your social media and marketing is essential for success. Things from events you are attending, to themes you are looking to promote, will help you with your social media and marketing efforts.

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