Google’s expanded text ads, made available at the end of 2016, were designed to be more effective on mobile searches. Currently, both standard text ads and expanded text ads are available, but Google may be phasing out their standard ads in the future. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get used to the new expanded ads and try them out in your online marketing.

The key differences in the expanded ads are that they have two headlines (with up to 30 characters each) and a longer description (up to 80 characters). This means you can fit in a little more content. Don’t waste these words by simply being less concise. Instead, figure out how to fit in more powerful content. You now have room for a short call to action or value proposition.

Google also has a new field called paths. Expanded text adds will pull your display URL’s domain from your final (landing page) URL. You can supplement this with the path fields, which show up as part of the display URL and aim to describe the webpage a user will end up on. This is a good place to add keywords that describe your product or business.

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