Your social media profile is just like an online shop-front or office – it is a place in which people can learn more about you and your business as well as making up their minds on if they want to get to know you more and potentially use your service or products. That means, it is rather important to ensure these people are instantly enticed by your profile, but how can you do that?

For Twitter:

1. Use a cover image and background image which will keep their attention. This is fantastic if you have products, images of your work or are a photographer. If you are not, then think of what you love. For example, you could have an image of your team at the Christmas party or a happy client sitting with you in the office, perhaps a sunset or your dogs. Remember, these images will bring in or keep out certain people, so I do tend to change mine once every couple of months to see if new people come to my profile.

2. Include key points in your bio. I shared a few top tips to creating the perfect bio here, hope that helps!

3. Do not let your profile go dormant – the most amount of time I would have no content on a timeline is 2 days and that is at a stretch! There are so many ways to ensure your profile is maintained that there really is no reason to miss more than a day. If you are finding it overwhelming get a member of your team or outsource this part of your business out. Do not just let it sit there, a dormant profile is worse than having none at all.

For Pinterest:

1. Mix up your own and other people’s pins. What I mean by this is do not just have your own products on your profile. You will most likely want to be “selling” your business on Pinterest but you will get more followers if you mix it up. Make boards which can hold your own content as well as others.

2. Add a “pin it” button to your website – if you haven’t already, then do it right now! Go on…

Welcome back. The reason I am so adamant about this is that how are people meant to get your products or business onto their pinterest boards, the ultimate goal in Pinterest, if there is no easy way to do it. This is paramount for anyone with products or images. If you are a photographer, make sure that all of your images on your sight have a copyright logo and your brand logo on each image.

3. Have a great bio and link all of your other accounts to the profile. Also verify your profile as a business account, this is pretty simple to do, ask your web designer if you need to.

For Facebook:

1. Be engaging on the page and do not be content heavy. No more than two posts a day on your page as otherwise you will be filling your fan’s streams and they will unlike or hide your page. Photos are the best way to create a like or a share, but ensure it is relevant to your industry or business!

2. Competitions – this can be on the page itself or on your other profiles to get people to like the page. Make it a worthwhile prize and give them enough time to enter.


There are so many ways to ensure people find you the most important thing to do is to share yourself! This means to add it to your business card, website and email, then implement all or some of the above new ways to get new people to you. I hope this helped and do share any other ideas below!

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