Welcome to a New Year (I am sure you are getting rather tired of the welcome wishes, so I will leave it at that!). If you are anything like me, a new year means a new marketing plan. We like to do things in advance here at New Media Angels, so we do our marketing plans a year in advance. That means I have everything laid out, ready and sorted for my year ahead (which is sort of awesome!).

Even if you do your marketing plans quarterly, you need to have plans to make your brand work well for you. This can be a spreadsheet, a big marketing mood board or a document that you share with your team. Whatever form it takes, you need to take a moment, either by yourself or with your team, to see what you want to achieve this year.

This includes what you want to achieve from your marketing efforts, the money you have to spend on marketing, and who will be doing what. I thought I would share a few key things you need to include in your plan, in my opinion:

  1. The social networking sites you want to have managed – will there be any new profiles that need to be managed, and how are the current ones working for you?
  2. Set targets that are achievable for the team – don’t just focus on “getting more followers” it needs to be more than that. It can include hits to your website and landing pages, to simply getting more calls from people who have found you on social media.
  3. The focus for each month – will there be new products, sales or places that sell your pieces in the months to come? Add these dates to your content calendar, to ensure that your content creators have the time to build up the suspense and then share galore on your online marketing.
  4. Sales & competitions – will you be holding sales or competitions that people in social media or members of your enewsletter database will receive exclusively before “public” viewing? This are a brilliant way to get more people following your brand on social media, and a great way to thank those who already are.

Whatever your year holds for you, having a plan of action that helps your whole team (and the people who are working as an outsourced member of your team), can all work together and your brand looks focused and in tune.

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