Generating warm leads to your website?

Increasing your online profile and visibility?

We become you. Your business matters as much to us as does our own. We handpick our clients to ensure that there is a fit between what we do and what you need. Our approach is personal, engaging, proactive and caring. Through a unique process of Plan, Traffic, Nurture and Convert, we can identify where you need us to plug in our expertise to fulfill the above objectives all our clients have when using us. We are creative, pragmatic, honest, proactive and focused on you as a person. What more do you need?

From a client: “Met with my angels today @NewMediaAngels what a great bunch, incisive, informative, imaginative and pro-active. Cemanthe, you have a great team and great vision I really hope we can grow together.”

Our social media approach is a non-jargon, straight forward, and down the line one. We prefer clients who are flexible, adaptable, have parts of their marketing in place, and need us to come in and help manage it all.
Cemanthe also does training, so you and your team will automatically learn as we manage it for you.
If you’d like to do it in-house, we can also train your team how to use social media to grow your business.

We are NOT a marketing agency. We support the marketing function by co-ordinating the team you have in-house and growing your social media presence.
Our strength is in communicating with your target audience; building loyalty, engagement, and generating new customers. Which, inevitably, gets more sales.

See our founder, Cemanthe, speaking here about why Social Media Matters:














Social Media Management

Design, Logos and General


Kristie West

Absolutely love the professional pics you took of me Cemanthe! I've had them done before but nothing I liked as much as these. I have so many favourites.
Working with you I felt really comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera (doesn't usually happen when I know the shots need to be good!) and I really enjoyed the process.
People I've showed these to have said you've really captured 'me' i.e. in looks AND personality, which often gets totally lost in professional pictures. Thank you. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to have professional pics done!

Lee Chapman

Having appointed New Media Angels since October 2010, to run our Facebook and Twitter campaign for Dreamfields Pasta UK, we have been very impressed with her knowledge of this social medium and the results achieved to date.

NMA are a valued part of our marketing strategy. Highly recommended.

Jon Denoris

I was overwhelmed & confused by the world of "business social media", Cemanthe has quickly cut through all the bull out there and helped me understand what I need and how to achieve it, fantastic value for money.Thanks.

Jon Denoris, Club 51

Hulya Bayraktar

The angels do their best in training you about social media, giving you core tips, creating reports and drawing from their experience so you dont loose time trying to figure things out. Cemanthe and her team are a vital part of my business in communicating with so many people out there. the consistency is also a key ingredient if you are having globally spread conversations. Thank you for helping me set things up the right way and integrating social media as a way of reaching out to others. I recommend that you book your Power Hour with her to find out more!

Hulya Bayraktar, Luxury Wishlist

Howard Carter

I first met Cemanthe at a lecture she gave & hired her shortly after as I knew she could help incognito anti-mosquito set up strong social media such as Facebook & Twitter. I have used her companies services repeatedly & will undoubtedly do so again in the future.

Howard Carter, incognito

Tracey Botha

Wow....New Media Angel has blown me away!!
Cemanthe's passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the task at hand is exceptional.
She has created an excitement in me for a tool I knew nothing about and was always wary to use, a new world has opened up before my eyes.
She continues to amaze me with all the ideas she has, and challenges don't seem to disturb her energetic personality!!
She is always encouraging and extremely patient.
You will be crazy not to use her to start your business or add a new dimension to it.

Theo Theodoris

Thank you ever so much Cemanthe for all for your time, expertise and support in showing me how to set up and use a blog. I am not an IT person and thought it would be too much hassle in putting one together and updating it. You made it very simple and easy to understand. More importantly you were able to respond very quickly when I came up against a problem. I am very happy to recommend you to anyone.

Theo Theodoris, Theo the Magician Blog

David Marks

I am writing to say how enjoyable and useful I found your seminar on Social Media for Business at the Westminster Central Reference Library today. I felt you demystified the whole area of Twitter, Facebook, blogs and so on and made a powerful argument for getting into it – that is where our customers are! I will certainly take you up on at least one of your Power Hours, and look forward to attending another of your workshops or courses. Thank you! David

David Marks, BullRodger

Katie Williams

Cemanthe made the header for my blog site and I was really impressed with how well she explained the options to me in non-technical terms, how quickly she completed the header and the quality of the finished item. She really listened to my intentions for the site and added her creative flair to produce something far beyond my expectations. I would recommend Cemanthe's services to anyone.

Katie Williams, Think and Grow Thin

Rebecca Cefai

What a great set of photos we now have of our shop! Thank you so much Cemanthe. I was so impressed with what a professional photographer can do, especially from little/no direction from me (sorry about that, it was a hectic week!) But the photos have surpassed my expectations - I look forward to using them all on our brand new website. THANK YOU!

Geoff Hinsley

I was lucky enough to have Cemanthe as my photographer - she produced over a hundred great shots. The ones I've posted and printed have received great comments. Working with Cemanthe is a joy. She makes it fun and easy. I highly recommend her. Geoff

Ray Amsterdam

If you want someone to:

- calmly sit down with you and explain social media in non-technical jargon
- discuss strategy and implementation in a practical and affordable way
- be enthused by that person's passion and creativity
- feel supported by a caring and exceedingly responsive approach

... Cemanthe is your woman!

To Tuscany

To Tuscany have been using Cemanthe and her Angels since June 2011 and in that time, with their great help, we now have an established Facebook and Twitter following. They have helped and advised us at all stages along the way and we regard them as a very professional but down to earth agency who listen to what the client wants. Our objectives with our Social Media campaign were to raise our profile and gain brand awareness - we have achieved both and more, as bookings continue to be made as a direct result of the campaigns and our followers continue to grow.

Dr Anthony Hobson

"New Media Angels have been a delight to work with throughout our project. Their help with design, logos, characterisation and website building has been excellent, a complete package. I would have no heistations in recomending New Media Angels and I hope to work with them again in the near future, thanks again, Anthony"

We did the logo, social media setup, stomach character illustrations, and website.

Dr Anthony Hobson, The Functional Gut Clinic

John Anderson

“Cemanthe is clearly an expert in the capabilities and value of Linkedin.  She provided a concise but thorough and effective training session in how to take commercial advantage of the significant potential in this service.  She used examples to great effect and was both entertaining and interesting.  I am sure this was a session that will be remembered clearly and used to great effect.”

  1. People: the best of you, your team and your audience, as well as the best of our team to help you achieve business goals. Making sure we understand who you are, who your clients are and build relationships based on trust.
  2. Integrity: having your best interests at heart means never doing any part of online media that would not help your business grow, and advising you clearly and objectively every step of the way.
  3. Service: ensuring that we treat you the way we want to be treated,and handpicking our clients to always ensure respect and dedication to the task of growing your business.
  4. Empowerment: making sure you understand everything we do, why it’s done and how. The exploratory meeting before a contract, the strategy meeting at the start, and monthly, sometimes weekly updates on the world of online media.
  5. Innovation: keeping up to date with what makes the market tick, and watching trends to foresee the next revolution so that our clients can be ahead of the wave.

Founder: Cemanthe is the Chief Angel, in charge of client liaison, networking and strategy. She also is the final word on pricing, so you'll want to bring her chocolate ;) Likes: Rainbows, Music, Photography and Running a business Dislikes: Seafood, washing dishes, being told what to do, oxford street.


Social Angel: Hannah is the Social Angel at NMA; looking after all social media platforms for our clients. Her talents are content, engaging with online audiences and organisation. Likes: Handwritten cards, motorbikes, icecream and bodypump classes. Dislikes: Impoliteness, maxi-dresses, wearing high heels and being on trains.


One to One Training Angel: Eve works with startups and new comers to social media. She teaches them how to make it work for them and their business to take them where they need to go. Likes: Art, Food, the Zoo and Star Wars. Dislikes: Arrogance, Ignorance and being really cold.


Group Training Angel: Lilach specialises in training businesses on how to use social media to grow. She has a long background in social media expertise, and has been featured on a few social media influencer lists. Likes: Sunshine, social media, chocolate, zuma, meditation Dislikes: queuing, commuting, marmite, rain


Online: Dominica is the Online Angel primarily dealing with websites, Facebook pages and ads, and related online services such as ebooks and email marketing. Likes: Animals, Gardening, Sunshine, Meditation. Dislikes: Animal cruelty, Racism, Being told what to do, Travelling by tube.


SEO: Michael is the SEO Angel, creating websites and effective search campaigns for clients. Likes: Snooker, Music, Cooking and anything made by Apple. Dislikes: Football, Clutter, Windows 8 and People that don’t listen.


Illustration: Chris is an illustrator based in the United States. Her work can range from serious concepts to whimsical portraits. She is always focused on the needs of the client and happily uses her skills to bring their messages to life. Likes: Kayaking, monster trucks, fog, archery. Dislikes: Velcro, burnt toast, Sasquach, not winning the lottery.


Video Angel: Utam specialises in video production for websites and social media. His videos help increase a companies online presence and engagement with their customers. Likes: Video Games, Astronomy, Music and all things geek Dislikes: Paper cuts, Slow Internet and when my TARDIS malfunctions


Design: Dan is the Design Angel for New Media Angels. In particular he designs monthly cover images for us and various clients, and they're always brilliant. His design is creative, versatile, and on brief every time. Likes: Running, Cars, Motorsport, Apple Products Dislikes: Inconsiderate People, Microsoft Software, Mess, Mustard


Video: Mark is one of our Video Angels, and specialises is short form interviews and doodle videos to promote client businesses. Likes: Alfred Hitchcock Films- Chelsea FC.- Pina Coladas- Getting caught in the rain. Dislikes: The lazy presenting on T4 (Show on Channel 4)- Branston Pickle.- Ketchup.- The smell of hairspray.


The Social Media Revolution

Twitter in Plain English

Found this video on someone’s blog and I love it!

Social Media: It’s Not What You Say That Matters

Social Media: It’s Not What You Say That Matters View more presentations from Paul Isakson.

Google’s social side hopes to catch some Buzz

Cnet news… The company wants to take what it does best–organizing Web content by relevancy–and apply it to social media, perhaps the most disorganized segment of the Web. Google Buzz is its most ambitious attempt to do just that, marrying the Gmail Web interface with status updates and media-sharing technology in an attempt to convince […]

Measure or What or How or Why?

I found this fascinating quote today: Ah, measurement. How we love to have a gauge of whether what we’re doing is working or not. No more telling me that you can’t measure the impact of social media. Here’s a pile of metrics you can consider. Try benchmarking them before you start your online outreach or […]


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