A product video is an excellent way to publicize a product launch or to boost sales for an existing product. While product videos can be simple, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared in order to create a high-quality and effective video. Make sure that you’ve checked off all of the following steps before filming day:

  1. Budget: Before you start planning, think about what your budget for this video is. Will one person be filming this in your office, or does your budget include a production team, on-screen talent, a location, and so on?
  1. Concept: Do you want a simple overview of your product features, or do you want something more creative? Think about how you want to depict your product, and make sure you take your target customer into consideration.
  1. Storyboard: For a more complicated concept, you’ll need a visual storyboard to map out your video.
  1. Location: Where are you going to shoot your video? Will you need to book a space? Do you need to decorate a set? Wherever you are, make sure that you have adequate lighting.
  1. Crew and Equipment: Your video might just need your product, a camera, and one person to film. For a more complicated video, however, you might also need special lenses, audio equipment, lighting, a teleprompter, and people to operate them.
  1. Talent: If you plan to have someone on-screen, you may need to hire an actor or model. You may simply have someone from your business in the video. Regardless, you’ll want to think about their clothing and makeup and make sure that they’re prepared with their lines. Think about a schedule and make sure your talent knows when to arrive.
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