It’s all about time management within your business, you need to be able to have the time to do all of the tasks you need to, while also having time for the personal bits too.

Whether you run the business on your own, or have a team of employees with specific roles, ensuring that all of you get things done within the time allocated, is essential.

I believe, that ensuring you have a theme or a sales schedule in place, ahead of time, will help you all to save time and stay stress-free. Let’s take your social media as an example. If you decide, in advance, the sales you are planning to host, share the events you will be attending and the featured items or services you wish to have at the forefront of your social media, each month, then you will be able to create succinct content that will entice your audience. This theme can then be taken across all of your marketing, your website design, your blog and even your offline networking too.

Why does this save you time? It will help you to do it in advance. If you ensure the themes, sales and items/services are shared on a file or within a meeting at least a month in advance, then your employees will be able to strategically add these into their tasks going forward.

Let’s say you have an employee who writes the blogs, another who creates the monthly e-newsletter and another who creates your content and manages your social media profiles – all of them will be able to create their work that sings from the same hymn sheet, ensuring customers, wherever they may be, will not be confused. We also create images for our social media, the blogs and the e-newsletter that keeps the visual side of the theme going.

I am a lover of doing things in advance, it helps to keep my life stress-free and gives our customers a beautifully linked online brand message. I can also share this with the team members who may be doing any tasks to do with the business to make sure that they can do their jobs easily.

So, this month, get together and create a document that your team can all add to, monitor and create from, that will share all of the key points, themes, events and items/services for the year ahead. A well-planned strategy will get you more customers and a happier, more organised business.

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