So, you’ve heard it said a couple of times “SEO is dead” – but is it?

(prefer videos to written blogs? Don’t fret, go here to see this in video form!)

When you last looked for a business locally, or tried to find a new product that you required, other than asking a friend for a recommendation, where did you go?

Did you bring up your Google Maps app and do a local search for that particular product or service?

Perhaps you went straight to the belly of the beast and entered some search terms into Google itself?

You may have even searched on Facebook!

These are all forms of SEO – and this is why it is still so important to have the right SEO in a field of competitors out there.

When you have a website, a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook page (the list goes on!) you want to be found for the right things, by the right people. This is where knowing your keywords, having a strong SEO strategy and understanding it all is essential to your business.

Once you have a set of keywords that you know are right for your business, you can cross-pollinate all of your marketing, websites, and profiles to enable you to be found correctly, more often and most importantly by the right people! We have even created a handy blog, sharing where to include your top Keywords for the best SEO here

It can be tricky to do this on your own, as you are so close to the business you may think that your clients are searching for specific terms or phrases, but what if they aren’t? Normal clients may be using different sets of words to find you, and this is where the research comes in!

Using someone to help, who knows what to do and has the tools at their disposal to do this correctly for you is a great option, but if you need to do the first steps yourself, just head to Google keyword planner and take some time looking at the potential keywords that would work for your business, or check out this blog to see our tips for Google Adwords keywords.

Need a little help? We can offer support, training and all the way up to doing it all for you, so do get in touch if you’d like to chat all things SEO (or comment below if you want to share your thoughts on if SEO is dead!).

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