Unsure what PPC, SEO and CTA all mean? We’ve got you covered!

1. SEO When you use Google, or other search engines such as Facebook search, Bing and so on, you will get a great list of potential websites that are associated with the search words you have entered. Those websites have added keywords to their websites that correlate with what you have searched for, and the ones that are most like your terms (and other algorithms such as your personal location and the website’s score according to Google), will show up first. As a business owner, you need to consider the words and phrases you want to want to be top of the list for, and then write blogs, create videos and make sure your web pages reflect these.

2. PPC. Another term to do with the wonders of Google – this is Pay Per Click. These are the adverts you see at the top of the Google search results that say “sponsored”. This is when a business is paying a fee (which can drastically change depending on the competition for the terms you are looking to be found for) to have clicks. Ultimately, you will pay per click to your website on these ads. So make sure you have a web page for these people to go to that will help to convert them, rather than wasting your marketing budget on clicks that end up being bounces!

3. CPC. This is Cost Per Click, and is often seen in reports or results sections on your advertising, whether on Facebook adverts or other areas of your online marketing. You want to strive for the lowest possible number in the cost, and the highest number of clicks. Continue to check your costs and the number of clicks you are getting and edit and mould your adverts to help convert more people.

BONUS ACRONYM: CTA Call to Action, this is such an important part of your marketing and one many marketers just throw around without some clients knowing what they actually mean. This is the part of your marketing that drives action for the user. What do you want the person to do once they have, for example, read your Facebook advert, or gone to your blog page? Make sure you have a call to action such as “sign up to our newsletter” or “click here to contact us about this offer” or “call us now” – otherwise your marketing may end up just delivering great content, and not turning those visitors into potential customers!

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