Social media has it’s ups and downs, and as a business, with Christmas coming up, you may be wanting to make the most of the social aspect of Social Media to help boost sales around this festive time. 

Here are our top tips to getting more engagement throughout the upcoming festive season:

1. Create Slideshows on Facebook. Facebook loves videos, and now you can make a video from a range of images! Utilise this option by choosing a selection of 3-10 images within the Facebook pages app on your phone, or by selecting “add photos or videos” and then choosing the slideshow option. Then schedule your slideshow to go out at the best time for your customers, and watch the views roll in!

2. Make the Most of Instagram. If you sell a product then Instagram and Pinterest are powerhouses for your business. Instagram is a great space to share visuals of your best products, and within the description you have the chance to share handy hashtags that will be relevant to your customers and the product you sell. Also use geolocations to help local people find you.

3. Create Email Marketing Campaigns. Connect with current and potential customers through email marketing, showcasing your newest products, exclusive offers and your plans for the month ahead. These are effective tools to help remind clients that you are the go-to business for what you sell.

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