It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming using social media, but if you look at it in a new way, it may feel a little easier.

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I was thinking recently, how loud and sometimes overwhelming social media can be, and how to help others get around this space with a new view on using it. Here’s my thoughts:

There are spaces like LinkedIn, in which you can go about using the social media space to help others, using it is a space to engage and connect other people in a way you would in a face to face networking event. It can also help you build your relationship with them, rather than going to a networking group, throwing your business cards out to everyone and anyone, and hoping someone will call you and pay attention. It’s just not how it works in real life, so why would we think social media should be this way?

We always recommend that you need to consider, how are you using social media to help you build relationships, connect with others more, and how to use a community like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to do just this.

You can go about this in many ways:

  1. Sharing posts with your network  – this is a great way to get brownie points with others in your network. Not only are you sharing great content with others, but you are also helping the person who originally posted the piece by getting their name and content to new people.
  2. Liking and commenting on posts – in the world of Facebook and Instagram, this is essential to get a better organic reach (their algorithms work to show posts that are getting a big amount of engagement to more people). Again, this will give you super brownie points with the person who has created the post, and they will often do the same in return on your posts too. Win-win!  If you like a post on LinkedIn, this actually shows up in your stream to others in your network, so it can really help to build up a post to more and more people.
  3. Retweet, quote, and reply to tweets on Twitter – this can really help to build a relationship with someone, to create a better conversation by quoting a tweet and sharing your thoughts on it too.

So, overall, you need to look at social media in a way that isn’t going all guns blazing, throwing your business and services out there, without considering how you can build relationships. Consider viewing it as a networking event, going there to build relationships, get new connections, and potentially introduce people to one another that may get on, or help one another too – which ultimately helps you to look even better to your network!

How can you help others notice that you want to help them? Next time you go onto your profiles, and you’re thinking about how you’d like to grow your business, consider how you’d act if it was all in a face to face networking event?

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