For any social media marketing campaign, metrics are a key measure of how well your efforts are working. Monitoring these metrics is key, but all the terms may be confusing at first. Here’s our beginner’s guide to the most important metrics you’ll want to watch.

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Metrics 101

Impressions: the number of people who saw your post. This doesn’t differentiate between scrolling past and clicking on it.

Engagement: a count of active interaction with your post. “Engagement” counts to the total number of shares, likes, and comments.

Conversions: the number of users who complete a desired action: buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, entering a contest, etc. This is a key metric for measuring how much your ads are accomplishing their key goal.

Funnel: a fancy term marketers use for the path users take towards conversion/the end goal. For example, a user might click on your Facebook ad, which takes them to a landing page on your website, which leads them to complete a form.

Bounce rate: the number of people (usually a percentage) who leave your website after viewing just one page. A high bounce rate is usually indicative of a problem, such as slow loading times or unengaging content.

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