Social media, if done right, takes time. It takes time to build an engaged audience, it takes time to get your brand noticed and it takes time to build that credibility which will result in happy customers and potential new ones.

So, if it takes so much time, you need to find places to help you save on your time, that is if you continue to want to do it yourself.

Here I want to share my three favourite tools for saving time on social media, from content to reports:

1. Hootsuite – this is a great place to monitor and upload content. I highly recommend utilising the services it can offer you, from monitoring your Facebook page to posting blogs to your wordpress account. Something to mention, however, is that people can see where your updates and communications are coming from, so try to get onto the actual social media profiles and connect in there, possibly once a week (if not more) to show you aren’t just sticking to one easy tool.

2. Google analytics – if you haven’t already got this for your website, you need to stop reading and go and sign up. It helps you know not only where your hits are coming from and how many, but it also shares the conversion amounts from social media. For example, you may be getting tons of social media referrals to your website, but no one is buying. This will help you to understand and implement any changes needed, such as updating your website in this situation.

3. Your smart device – apps are a fantastic way to interact with your social media and save you time in the process. Making a cuppa? Fantastic, time to get out the linkedin app and accept those invites. On the commute to a meeting? Time to engage with people on Twitter using the handy Plume app on your tablet. You can even use, one of my favourite mobile apps, Instagram, to get your photo stream filled up while out and about. I highly recommend syncing your Instagram with your Twitter as people love to share a good photo.

Your time is precious, so tools to help you be more efficient with it are invaluable. Keeping your social media goals always in mind while you engage will help you to know where you are going and keep you focused, using tools to help save you time will keep you on track and not feeling it is just a little too much to handle. If you want to know more or get some training in using these and more tools we recommend, we’d love to help.

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