We love the festive season here at Angels HQ! We’ve already started compiling gifts to give to our clients, ideas for next year and planning meetings and parties galore.

But how can you get prepared for season when many people are not thinking about business, work or buying anything other than gifts for their loved ones? Well, as a retailer, you have probably already sorted your Christmas stock back in the middle of the year, so now is the time to push it to your potential customers. November is the time to showcase all of the goodies you have on offer, that they can be getting for their friends and family. If you offer a service, it may be a little more tricky, as now may become a quiet time for you, unless you offer parties, events or holiday cover!

Getting prepared is key to having a successful month, so here’s what we do:

1. Write content for all of our social networks – this is all done well in advance, and we have a promotions calendar that helps us with our blogs, website content, new products and services. All in advance and stress free!

2. Get your clients thinking about you – through an enewsletter, a hand written Christmas card or a personal note saying hello and happy Christmas, before they’re too busy to notice.

3. Be unique. Now is the best time to show off your personality, and people will love it! Get your team all dressed up as little elves, add a bit of glitter to your website or even share a carol-singing video to your YouTube channel, to brighten up your feed.

Christmas is the time to be quirky, fun and embrace the festivities. You can also utilise it to help build your business by selling gifts, offering competitions or special rates for the year to come or just having a great time with your current and potential customers.

How do you get your business prepared for Christmas?

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