You may have noticed, once you have over 30 fans for your page, that you have a cool little “insights” section in your admin. But what on earth does it all mean?

Facebook have also added a new style to the insights, so I hope this helps you to understand what you are now looking at too!

In this piece I’d like to share my top 5 favourite parts of the insights and why you should be watching them.

1. “How many people Engaged” – this is essential to see how your posts entice others to communicate, share and engage with your page. This is a weekly number, so you can see if these numbers have risen or lowered from the previous week and help you to understand if you need to change it up.

2. Post reach – This is the number of people who saw your posts within a handy graph (usually over one month). It also shows you organic and paid for numbers, so you can see if your Facebook ads are working.

3. Your Fans – this entire section helps you to understand the demographic of your Facebook page. Do you have a target market? If so, this should be the place you visit first, to ensure that your fans fit this market. It shares their gender, location and language, all very handy for you to truly understand how your strategy is working.

4. When your fans are online – this is fantastic to see when to post. It includes not only the days of the week but the time of day too. This can help you to improve the engagement of your posts by sharing at the correct times.

5. Best post types – this is a fantastic new feature from the latest update to Facebook Page insights and what a great addition! It not only tells you the most popular but it shares the numbers in likes, comments and shares. These are essential to let you know how to get your posts shared or engaged with.

I hope these have helped you to better understand the insights from your Facebook page, if you have any questions comment below or get in touch, that’s what we are here for!

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