When your PPC ads run makes a difference in your click-through rate. Dayparting is the practice of scheduling your ads for certain days and times to target your audience more effectively and maximize your ROI.


Dayparting works best when you’ve already been running an ad (or a similar ad) for a while. Then you can look in the dimensions tab and select “time” to look at when your ads are getting the most impressions: “day of the week” and “hour of the day” are probably going to be the most useful metrics. If you’re a restaurant, for example, you might get the most views close to dinner time. If you run an online clothing store, you might get the most impressions in the evenings and on weekends when customers are home from work. Make sure that you look for long-term patterns.


Next, within your AdWords campaign, you can set up an ad schedule. The schedule enables you to choose which days and times you want your ad to run on, and you can adjust your bid value for certain times. This relatively simple step can help you connect with the right customers, without wasting time and money on running ads when those people aren’t searching for you.

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