So, what do we actually do?

Great question! It all starts with you, a sprinkling of passion and a whole heap of awesome ideas around your business!

When you start a retail business you want to make sure your fantastic products get seen, noticed, bought, rebought and shared with the perfect customers. But in this busy world of social media, marketing, competitors and so many other people out there, you can feel a little lost.

Our clients come to us because they don’t want to have to deal with the stress of understanding Social Media Marketing.

Our clients work with us, because they don’t want to have to spend the time creating content that will get noticed.

Our clients come to us because they love their business, and their products, and want others to know about them.

Our clients come to us, because they are looking for a different kind of marketing team, a team of people who share the passion they have for their own business, and feel as if they are a part of the business themselves.

Strategy Sessions

Looking to have support and advice to just get going on it all?

We’re here to help. We can get together with you, over a great cup of hot chocolate (or a coffee if that’s your bag!) and work together to really delve in deep into your business, the potential future of it, and what it means to have an awesome strategy in place that you, or your team, can follow.

Why choose us to do this? Having some outside help from people who have done this, love it, and really can be on both sides of the coin, rather than close to it like you are, can put some new ideas into perspective, and help you find out niches you may not have thought of.

Social Media Management

Heard of this Social Media stuff, but let’s be honest, don’t have the time to spend learning how to do it right, and having to manage it all?

Let our Angels come in to manage the accounts that actually matter to your business goals. We work with you to create content that sounds and feels like your brand, while managing enquiries, building relationships, and coming up with new ideas to help you make the most of this amazing marketing tool.

All while you get on with what you are great at.


Our monthly management packages are on budget, and can be built around your business requirements.

Get found online

If your business is local, and you’re unsure why local people just aren’t finding you, then we can help.

Our Online Angels are here to help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and other ways to help your local business get found by local customers.

Want to branch out to a wider audience? We’re there to help you too, ensuring that keywords, adverts, content, and Google as a whole work for you, to help your business get found for the right reasons.

Branding and Designs

With our super Design team, we can help you from the very beginning of your business with start up packages to help you come up with a logo and designs to suit your brand for now and the future.

We also love helping businesses who are at a turning point in their business, and are looking for quirky ideas to help them stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s creating an e-book, designing new product backing cards, creating thank you notes to go in your packaging, or even a logo that will shine bright for all to see – we love helping you get your design ideas right.

Website Designs - for all budgets

Websites are essential for a business, especially when you want to sell to a consumer as a retailer.

Whether you want the whole shebang with ecommerce (aka shopping online) abilities, or you want a simple website which can show off your products for people to do their research before they see you in person – we can help.

We love helping a business owner find and work out a fantastic way to show off their brand to potential customers online. Plus, we are honest – we will help you along the way with design ideas, thoughts about keywords, and how useable the site is for potential customers.

Having appointed New Media Angels since October 2010, to run our Facebook and Twitter campaign for Dreamfields Pasta UK, we have been very impressed with her knowledge of this social medium and the results achieved to date.

NMA are a valued part of our marketing strategy. Highly recommended.

Lee Chapman

Salubris Dreamfields

All in all, we are your back up, your partners in crime, and the team you deserve to help you with the marketing for your retail business.

In this loud and sometimes confusing world of social media, marketing, digital marketing and so much more, you deserve to have a team behind you, spurring you on, coming up with new ideas to get people to find you, and helping you when you have a new product, to launch it and get it out there. 

We become a member of your team, we are your Angels, always here to help you, as passionate about your business as you are, and constantly striving to ensure we are doing our best for your business.

Sound like your sort of team?

If you want us on your side, for all things marketing and branding, then click that button baby.

Let's set up that hot chocolate...

Want to see us in action?

Here are some of our recent video blogs (vlogs) with some tips, tools and tricks.

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