When there’s so much noise about so many different things your business should be doing, what ones are the most important for you? 

1. Where is your target audience? It doesn’t matter what trends are out right now, if they don’t affect your target audience. Check in with your best customers and see where they are and what they use to find new suppliers or the products you sell. Then go to those places.

2. Invest in your marketing. Too often, companies expect the customer to just “find them” and with the thinking behind the likes of places like social media, it can be perceived as a free marketing tool. Let this belief fall away now! It takes the same amount of investment as all other marketing, if not more. And then consider the time taken to actually use the space too.

3. Give it time. When it comes to your business, you didn’t run away from it after a month of it not getting the amount of money coming in that you expected, did you? The same goes for marketing, it takes time. Consider your results, tweak where necessary, but ultimately, it takes at least 6 months for most businesses to see a good ROI on their marketing, if not longer, depending on the product or service you provide.

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