In this blog, we share the power of words – how to use them in your marketing, when they can be used, and all the different ways you can use them.  So, let’s dive right in to our three top ways to make your words count!

1. Write your Bios! When it comes to marketing, and using tools such as podcasts, social media profiles, and online networking sites, remember the importance of your bio. Share your personalities, your USPs, and a little bit about your business. In spaces such as Twitter, this needs to be short and snappy, whereas LinkedIn and Facebook give you more wordroom to play. These are often the places in which a person will decide to follow or not follow you, so be yourself, and showcase your uniqueness.

2. Share your words, through voice. Sometimes we feel a little nervous about how to write in the right way. Don’t let that stop you from sharing your story! Prefer to speak? Use a podcast or radio to share your content. Want to delve into the awesomeness that is video? Go for it! When it comes to sharing your stories, news, and brand, you don’t have to stick to just writing about it, use your voice to share your business too.

3. Ask Questions. This is so important, whether online, through editorials, or in face to face networking, remember the power of a question. Ask your audience how they are, question their ideas and how they feel about the subjects you talk about in your blogs or videos, and give them the opportunity to share their voices with you.

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