Many lost sales come from customers abandoned their e-commerce shopping carts after adding items. This happens for multiple reasons: website crashes, final prices being too high, or simple check-out errors. Just because a cart was abandoned doesn’t mean you’ve lost that sale forever, though. A simple follow-up email can recapture some of those sales.

So how do you write an effective abandoned cart email?

The first step is a catchy subject line. Something simple such as “Are you forgetting something?” or “You’ve left items in your cart” usually works well.

You may also want to use the customer’s name or list specific items. Within the body of the email, you should list the items that were in the cart and, if possible, include photos. High-quality content will also help your email’s effectiveness.

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Keep the tone in line with your brand, and use humor if it’s appropriate. Many brands also like to add in a sense of urgency. You may warn that stock is running low or notify the customer that you can only reserve their cart for a limited amount of time.

If you really want to close the sale, one final step can be to offer a discount. A limited-time 10% discount, or other similar offer, can often be the final push a customer needs to make a purchase.

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