Even for great writers, headlines can be hard. Unfortunately, a headline might be all a potential reader sees before deciding whether to read your blog post or article. The following tips will help you to create headlines that are just as good as your content and that will help you to increase views.

Practice, practice, practice

Your first title idea may not be your best one. Set a goal for yourself to write 10 (or 20) different title ideas, then pick the best one. You’ll end up coming up with creative ways to convey your point, and you’re likely to get more concise with each new title.

Be specific

There’s so much content around online; your headline should show what’s unique that sets your content apart. Would you rather read an article titled “How to Eat Healthily” or “Cooking Tricks to Make Your Favorite Pasta Dishes Healthier”? The second title is interesting and shows what your article is about.

Be honest

The internet is full of hyperbolic headlines, but audiences are growing tired of articles that can’t deliver what their headlines promise. A headline claiming to have the solution to everything is going to be viewed warily. Instead, keep your headline accurate and relatable.

Keep it concise

It can be tempting to write a really long headline to fit in more interesting tidbits, but shorter is generally better. Google displays about 50-60 characters of a title, so if your title is longer than that, part will be cut off. In addition, readers pay the most attention to the first 3 and last 3 words of a title (according to Kissmetrics). Your title can be longer than 6 words, but it should be short enough that you can fit most of the keywords into the first and final 3 words.

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